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The Future of Artificial Intelligence
Examine the current state of artificial intelligence and explore the future AI roadmap in this second installment of the exclusive AI series by Thomson Reuters.
Guide to Conducting Internal Investigations
Internal investigations have increasingly become recognized as a key element of good corporate governance. This manual provides best practices to conduct and prevent an investigation.
Become the Best C&E Professional You Can Be
The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics is the association of the industry’s top C&E professionals.
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees
Be proactive and avoid sexual harassment in the workplace by downloading this sample harassment policy and training presentation to properly prepare your employees.
Predictive Coding in a Regulatory Investigation: A Case Study
A case study on how a multi-national financial institution leveraged predictive modeling to respond to a regulatory investigation into its sales, marketing and trading behavior.
U.S. Immigration Solution: Canada is Open for Business
In an effort to increase innovation and profits in a burgeoning global economy, companies need to attract and retain a highly skilled immigrant workforce. Could Canada be the solution?
General Counsel Up-at-Night
GC Up-at-Night Resource Center provides resources and insight into issues that concern general counsel and senior law firm leaders.
How to Turn the Beneficial Ownership Rule into a Competitive Advantage
In an industry disrupted by legislative reform, institutions that repurpose the compliance cost center into a competitive advantage will emerge as the new market leaders.
Artificial Intelligence and Legal Technology: To Boldly Go Where No Legal Department Has Gone Before!
The legal industry has only begun to realize the potential and impact of AI on day-to-day practice. How will this technology impact the profession?
Vacation Pay Stay State Laws
Practical Law Chart: A complete 50-state survey compilation of vacation pay policies
The Truth About Commercial Arbitration
Resources to show why arbitration may be the best solution around - for everybody.
Under One Agile Umbrella
Financial institutions are challenged to meet compliance obligations in a more cost-effective and agile way. Find out how to integrate your existing compliance programs under one unified umbrella.
Compliance and Conflicts of Interest
Although every company is different from a culture and risk tolerance perspective, this White Paper contains a checklist for every corporate compliance function to follow.
5 Benefits of eDiscovery in a Public Utility Cloud Platform
Moving your eDiscovery function to a public utility cloud-based platform can improve alignment with the overall IT strategy and create better integration with information governance.
How to Score Risk and Assess Third-Party Vendors
More than ever, financial firms are being held accountable for the compliance failure of their vendors. Establishing a risk scoring system can help protect firms and prevent liability.
Complimentary Attorney Client Privilege Checklist
Keep your communications privileged, and ensure that employees understand their role.
Fiduciary Duties Overview
Protect your company and its shareholders by educating directors with an overview of their fiduciary duties and the potential consequences, both personal and for the business.
Employee Termination Best Practices
This resource addresses key issues for employers to consider when terminating an employee and best practices to minimize claims of wrongful discharge.
Elements of Confidentiality Agreements - Definitions of Confidential Information
Only the smartest companies can both protect that information and leverage it for business opportunities. Do you have updated, current drafts of these important documents?
2016 Regulation Review and 2017 Preview
As 2016 comes to an end, the financial services industry is facing an increasingly vigilant regulatory landscape. This white Paper examines the key trends to watch in the new year. Learn more now!
Executive Brief: Knowledge, know-how, and the ability to respond with confidence
Knowledge, know-how, and the ability to respond with confidence. Learn the keys to position yourself as a trusted corporate advisor.
Avoid Social Media Risks in 2017
The use of social media by individuals in and outside of the workplace is widespread and continues to grow. Create a Social Media policy that protects your company.
Inside E-Discovery & Beyond: E-Discovery Complexities Driving Change
A new era of data-driven risk. What organizations need to know about the state of cyber threats, information governance, and e-discovery.
Common Arbitration Misconceptions
This white paper discusses what not to believe about arbitration.