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Understanding the Total Cost of eDiscovery
In this white paper, our experts will discuss how to calculate the total project cost of eDiscovery for your company and practices that enhance cost predictability, efficiency, and alignment with your business goals.
Calculating Total Project Cost for eDiscovery
Find out exactly what your team is spending on each stage of the process.
Elements of Confidentiality Agreements - Definitions of Confidential Information
Only the smartest companies can both protect that information and leverage it for business opportunities. Do you have updated, current drafts of these important documents?
Driving IP Value: Better Investments, Increasing Returns
Modern IPMS systems are now available to drive the value of intellectual property and meet the needs of today's IP organization. Understand IP trends and ways to increase ROI.
Tech Hacks for Attorneys to Super-Charge Their Productivity
We have compiled a list of 7 Tech Hacks for Attorneys to Super-Charge their Productivity, and gain the most valuable resource in the world: time.
The Next Step in EDRM
Download this white paper to learn the five key benefits coordinated risk management and e-discovery provide
Executive Brief: Knowledge, know-how, and the ability to respond with confidence
Learn the Keys to Position Yourself as Trusted Corporate Advisor.
Just released – 2016 Data Risk and Privacy Survey Results
Download this resource and learn: Primary drivers for adopting new technology, and new trends in spending and data governance policies.
Complimentary Attorney Client Privilege Checklist
Attorney-client communications are not always privileged. A key role of in-house counsel involves training employees to understand these limits. Download the checklist to learn more now.