DC Watch

Will the New Patent Process Bring Hard Days for Inventors?

By Michael Roach |

The America Invents Act changes the U.S. patent process to a "first-inventor-to-file" system after March 16. The new law has raised concerns among patent attorneys and in-house counsel, as well as those who do the actual inventing. Are hard days ahead for innovators?

New NLRB GC Has Corporate Counsel Guessing

By Sue Reisinger |

Now that the U.S. Senate has confirmed Richard Griffin Jr. as the next general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, companies and their counsel are waiting to see just how pro-union he will make his office.

Fintech Lawyers on State Regulators' Possible Alternative to OCC Charter Plan

By Stephanie Forshee |

State banking regulators have proposed a plan that might rival the OCC's recent offering of a special purpose bank charter to fintechs.

BofA Settlement and JPMorgan Case Highlight SEC's Tepid Response

By Susan Beck |

In the last week we've seen some flashy headlines about lawsuits stemming from the financial crisis. Sounds like good news for those concerned about tough enforcement of our securities laws, right? Wrong.