Editors Picks

Corporate Counsel Announces its 2017 Best Legal Departments

By Heather D. Nevitt |

Corporate Counsel's editorial department is pleased to announce the honorees of our 2017 Best Legal Departments awards.

5 Things to Do When You're the New In-House Employment Lawyer

By Lynne Hermle |

Here are five key questions you ought to explore before you arrive at your new in-house employment lawyer job.

Ethical Pitfalls for Lawyers Working with Nonprofit Coalitions

By Michael L. Bloom, Salam Sheikh-Khalil and Yi Zhou |

Coalitions—composed of multiple organizations possibly with disparate interests and goals—might tackle social challenges such as affordable housing or rally behind a policy cause such as education reform. The task for the lawyer is to navigate this web while serving her client's interests zealously.

How Business-Side Employees Can Relieve Privilege-Review Headaches

By Robert Keeling and Nick Giles |

Business employees should recognize the important role they play in protecting a company's privilege, and in-house attorneys should consider counseling their clients accordingly.