From the Experts

Six Steps to Protecting Your Reputation Online

By Cliff Zatz, Joe Meadows and Laura Aradi |

Should you litigate an online defamation? The answer depends on the circumstances and your overall goals.

A World of Evolving Competencies for General Counsel

By E. Leigh Dance |

Think about the competencies you need to develop to achieve your own professional objectives, and the competencies that your team needs to be able to perform at their best.

Pay Transparency Is Here to Stay

By Connie N. Bertram and Amy L. Blackwood |

Is pay transparency the next big litigation risk for employers? Maybe. But employers can take steps to minimize risk and create a compensation culture that is race- and gender-neutral.

Reputation is Everything: Why Lawyers Should Take a Closer Look Inward at Money Laundering Risk

By Martin J. Foncello and Timothy C. Stone |

Recent developments should give lawyers pause as to whether they are sufficiently inward looking at the reputational risk they face from their own clients—particularly those seeking to misuse legal services to launder illicit funds.

Dodging a Bullet: Walmart Escapes Sanctions Despite Failing to Preserve Exiting Employee Data

By Barry Schwartz and Brian Schrader |

It was the revised FRCP Rule 37(e) that came to Walmart’s rescue, resulting not in case-ending sanctions, but instead, a relatively mild admonishment

Self-Enforcing Smart Contracts Will Change Your Life

By Kevin Shook |

What if a computer made a lawsuit unnecessary in the first place? What if contracts could enforce themselves?

MLATs: The Bridge to Cross-Border Enforcement

By Mark A. Rush and Jared A. Kephart |

In the event their company ever becomes a subject or target of international investigation, in-house counsel can position their company to minimize the impact of the MLA request and ultimately the investigation by remembering three key points.

An Architectural Approach to Law Department Diversity

By Marcos Antonio Mendoza |

How does in-house counsel leadership create conditions where diversity is a goal with objective means, and not merely a subjective wish? Here is one approach.

Keeping Snakes Out of the Jury Box: An Analysis of the 'Reptile Method' and Tips to Defeat It

By Marilyn Moberg, Alexis Rochlin, Alayna Jehle and Rick Fuentes |

Building a Business Case for a Data Privacy Program

By Heidi Maher |

When members of the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) discuss data privacy and security today, there is an entirely new level of urgency.