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Bill Cosby.

Cosby's Coverage Dispute Has Ramifications for Many Policyholders

By Syed S. Ahmad and Matthew T. McLellan |

This is an expert piece from lawyers at Hunton Williams. It is about how, over the last few years, numerous individuals have made claims of sexual misconduct against comedian Bill Cosby. These claims have led to disputes about the obligation of Cosby's insurers to pay for his defense attorneys and any eventual settlements or judgments. A recent decision by a Massachusetts federal court addressing these disputes provides important guidance about standard contract language found in different kinds of policies issued to all kinds of businesses and individuals.

Whistleblower Illustration

Effective Employee Training Increasingly Important Amid Increased Whistleblower Liability and Damage Awards

By Gregory Keating and Lyndsey Kruzer |

As the damages awards for whistleblower retaliation drastically increase, the upfront use of resources to train employees becomes an even more prudent investment so that employers do not find themselves at the losing end of the next multimillion-dollar verdict.

Guns in the Workplace: New Challenges Presented by Increasing State Regulation

By J. Ian Downes and Samantha Rosa |

Many employers have been looking to develop specific policies addressing the possession of firearms in the workplace. In formulating such policies, one of the paramount considerations must be the many state laws limiting employers' ability to restrict employees' gun possession.

10 Tips to Guide Global Counsel Leaders in 2017

By E. Leigh Dance |

Many of you love your job and are enthusiastic as January begins. All of that is positive, and yet often during the year you tell me the many ways that the workload is growing and sustaining performance gets tougher. That's why I compiled these 10 tips to guide global counsel leaders in 2017.

Scott Forman, shareholder at Littler Mendelson.

Managing Litigation and Benchmarking Through Big Data

By Scott Forman, Littler Mendelson |

It might not be the first thing people remember about the Great Recession, but the effects of the last big economic downturn changed the way companies view and measure their legal departments—probably, forever.

Daniel Trujillo Sr. VP and Chief Compliance Officer, Walmart International

Wal-Mart International's Compliance Chief on What's Next

By Daniel Trujillo |

Despite tech advances, compliance is still down to people doing the right thing.

In-House Counsel: It's Time to Connect With 3D Printing

By Andrew Tsai and Chinh H. PHam |

This technology offers significant business opportunities but is not without legal risk, particularly in the area of intellectual property law.

What Corporate Counsel Need to Know About the Antitrust Guidance for HR Professionals

By Stephen Wu and Lauren Salins |

It might be time to review your company's antitrust compliance programs to ensure they address hiring and compensation practices and incorporate the safeguards described in recent regulatory guidance to minimize companies' antitrust risks.