In-House Tech

Microsoft's data center in Dublin, Ireland.

Government Asks SCOTUS to Overturn Microsoft Decision on Overseas Data

By Ben Hancock |

A SCOTUS decision could introduce some clarity over whether prosecutors can enforce warrants for private data stored abroad in the cloud.

3 Ways Antitrust Law Could Collide With Big Data

By Ben Hancock |

Greater tech industry consolidation could lead to cases that test the bounds of traditional competition law.

The E-discovery Do’s And Don’ts in Federal Investigations

By Rhys Dipshan |

A Legalweek West session looks at how to navigate the disparate e-discovery guidelines of investigatory agencies and the biggest challenges companies will face.

Think AI Contract Review is Easy? It All Depends on the Training

By Rhys Dipshan |

When the legal department at Baxter needed to quickly review a large batch of contracts, it turned to AI. But the technology was far from ready out of the box.

The Intelligence Squared debate on Tuesday night in San Francisco. Stewart Baker (from left), John Yoo, moderator John Donvan, Michael Chertoff, and Catherine Crump.

Wannacry, London and Apple: Bush-Era Officials Debate Encryption

By Ben Hancock |

Former Justice Department official John Yoo and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff sat on opposite sides of a debate in San Francisco over how far tech companies must go to aid law enforcement.

Digital Forensics 2.0: Rethinking the Digital Footprint

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Panelists at next week’s Legalweek West Coast are slated to address the shifting use and role of digital forensics in corporate legal matters.

Metrics in Motion: Two Ops Managers Share Stories of Analytics Implementations

By Rhys Dipshan |

Legal ops managers at PG&E and AbbVie discuss the complexities and drivers behind their legal department’s recent metrics implementation.

The Future State of the E-Discovery Job Market Will Be Cloud and Contract Staffing

By Jared Coseglia, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

If the history of e-discovery is the future of cybersecurity, then what should one expect for the future of e-discovery? How long will the current period of consolidation continue? What will be the next chapter in e-discovery's never-ending reinvention? How closely will the next 10 years of cybersecurity job trends mirror e-discovery's past?

4 Things Corporate Counsel Should Know About China’s Cybersecurity Law

By Rhys Dipshan |

With severe penalties for noncompliance, familiarity with China’s newly enacted Cybersecurity Law is a must for any multinational or local company.

Ransomware in Review: 8 Prevention and Response Tips for Your Organization

By Ian Lopez |

Electronic data is defining the business world, and with its benefits come many threats. Here’s how experts think organizations should protect against ransomware.

(l-r) Jeffrey Marple, Innovation Director Corporate Legal, Kiran Mallavarapu, Senior Vice President and Manager, Legal Strategic Services, seated, and Robert Taylor, Vice President, Senior Corporate Counsel & Manager, with Liberty Mutual Insurance. March 31, 2017.

Inside Liberty Mutual's Legal Tech Transformation

By Rhys Dipshan |

How one century-old legal department is leveraging data, deploying tools and changing corporate culture to prepare for the future of law.

A High-Tech Helping Hand: The Marriage of Pro Bono and Technology

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Bar associations across the country are seeking technology platforms to help mobilize attorneys and create a more resilient legal assistance community.

LTPI Reveals Adaptable Model Code of Conduct for Legal Technology Companies

By Zach Warren |

The document, written from the perspective of a legal technology company, aims to establish ethical standards and guidelines for the legal technology community.