Labor and Employment

Guns in the Workplace: New Challenges Presented by Increasing State Regulation

By J. Ian Downes and Samantha Rosa |

Many employers have been looking to develop specific policies addressing the possession of firearms in the workplace. In formulating such policies, one of the paramount considerations must be the many state laws limiting employers' ability to restrict employees' gun possession.

Blogger Whose Contract Ended Is Not Due Unemployment Benefits, Court Rules

By Joel Stashenko |

The Third Department concluded that Gregory A. Mitchell's relationship with his editors at The Nation was not that of an employee and employer and he was not entitled to unemployment benefits after his contract was not renewed in 2014.

Workers at a Wendy's franchise

Lawyers Decipher New Minimum Wage Rules in NY

By Joel Stashenko |

New York's new minimum wage law took effect on Dec. 31 with multitiered multijurisdictional wage schedules. Also, other new laws taking effect over the past weekend.


Arbitrations in 2016: Faster, But Are They Fair?

By Rebekah Mintzer |

Judges questioned these proceedings and their fairness as companies tried to stem the tide of labor litigation.

The Year That Franchise Employee's Status Was Questioned

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Who employs the employee? That was a crucial question for the courts in 2016.