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  • Who Represents America's Biggest Companies 2015

    Law departments still keep the nation’s big, business-oriented law firms in business for those occasions when a department doesn’t have either the expertise or the sheer firepower that law firms can muster.

  • Who Reps: Minding the Store

    By Lisa Shuchman

    When the Fortune 500 feel compelled to pursue litigation, they don't turn solely to large, established firms to do battle on their behalf.

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Optimizing Litigation Life Cycle Management
The Quest for Better Ways to Conduct Discovery
Instant Access Report: How Effective Information Governance Will Separate the Winners from the Losers
Is your organization taking the right steps in information governance? Download the Information Governance Initiative Annual Report 2015-2016 and find out now.
Understanding the IP Landscape in China
If you are managing complex global patent portfolios, remaining current on the state of patents in each country can be difficult. This whitepaper pulls together a view on the IP market in China.
Exploring the Internet of Things: Gaining Insights from Patent Analytics
Learning about an organization's patents and pending applications provides valuable insight, often years before products come to market. Using the Internet of Things as a topic to explore, this paper delivers a detailed competitive analysis.
Cyber Claims Study: See What a Data Breach May Actually Cost You
This report summarizes findings from 117 data breach cyber liability insurance claims and examines the type of data exposed and the cause of loss, by business sector and size of the affected organization
Information Governance Considerations for Corporate Legal Departments
Translating compliance and information governance concepts into actionable strategies can be challenging for decision makers supporting corporate legal departments. To face the challenge, they should follow a phased approach that encompasses communication, a degree of “cultural evolution,” and of course, leveraging good information technology.
Is Your Team Prepared For A Data Breach?
With data breaches increasing in scale and frequency, organizations must prepare today to ensure an on-time, effective, and high-quality response. Learn how your organization can be prepared now!
Get Started With Your Information Governance Blueprint
Data is exploding in both volume and variety, and it is imperative for organizations to understand and have control over all of their information in whatever format it exists.
Radicati eDiscovery Market Quadrant 2014
Gain insight on HP eDiscovery and its strength in complex corporate scenarios. Download the full report today and learn why HP was positioned as a Top Player.
Instant Access: Information Governance Initiative Annual Report 2014
The insights and recommendations in the IGI Annual Report can serve as a launching pad for you to lead your organization in the right direction in harnessing the power of your information. Download your copy now, compliments of HP.