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  • Who Represents America's Biggest Companies 2015

    Law departments still keep the nation’s big, business-oriented law firms in business for those occasions when a department doesn’t have either the expertise or the sheer firepower that law firms can muster.

  • Who Reps: Minding the Store

    By Lisa Shuchman

    When the Fortune 500 feel compelled to pursue litigation, they don't turn solely to large, established firms to do battle on their behalf.

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Semantic Search - What you need to know
If you've ever used a search tool, then you're familiar with classic keyword search. Just because it's common doesn't mean it's good.
Factoring the Human Element Into Your Data Breach Response
The human element can keep even the best teams from making smart decisions during a breach response. Before you can complete a useful breach response plan, it's critical to understand the factors that affect your team during crisis situations.
Is Your Team Prepared for a Data Breach?
As data breaches increase in scale and frequency, businesses must prepare in advance to ensure an effective, high-quality, and swift response. Consumers, regulators, and the media want a well-orchestrated response launched just days after a data breach, and preparation in advance is critical to success.
Defining Corporate Data. Redefining eDiscovery
In this white paper you will gain insight into reducing eDiscovery costs and redefining your eDiscovery Process.
Patent Market Tracker™ Fall 2015 Key Trends
This white paper gives an update on US patent purchases and sales in the first seven months of 2015. It uncovers trends in the patent marketplace including which technologies were transferred and key players both selling and buying patents.
10 Ways To Transform Your Legal Department
A blueprint for becoming the best-run business unit in the organization.
Optimizing Litigation Life Cycle Management
The Quest for Better Ways to Conduct Discovery
Understanding the IP Landscape in China
If you are managing complex global patent portfolios, remaining current on the state of patents in each country can be difficult. This whitepaper pulls together a view on the IP market in China.
Exploring the Internet of Things: Gaining Insights from Patent Analytics
Learning about an organization's patents and pending applications provides valuable insight, often years before products come to market. Using the Internet of Things as a topic to explore, this paper delivers a detailed competitive analysis.
Cyber Claims Study: See What a Data Breach May Actually Cost You
This report summarizes findings from 117 data breach cyber liability insurance claims and examines the type of data exposed and the cause of loss, by business sector and size of the affected organization