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2016 Regulation Review and 2017 Preview
As 2016 comes to an end, the financial services industry is facing an increasingly vigilant regulatory landscape. This white Paper examines the key trends to watch in the new year. Learn more now!
How to Reduce Risk with Contract Management
This White Paper will help businesses generate, track, maintain, and report on important business contracts.
Preventing a Legal Hold Wildfire
This updated report has tips and tricks to help you manage your legal holds and gives counsel the starting points they need to make their own strategies for navigating legal holds.
5 Critical Stages of Policy Management
This White Paper explores five critical stages of policy management to help organizations meet the rigorous standards demanded by today’s environment.
Fiduciary Duties Overview
Protect your company and its shareholders by educating directors with an overview of their fiduciary duties and the potential consequences, both personal and for the business, of breaching those duties.
5 Easy Steps to CUT Discovery Cost
Learn the 5 Easy Steps to CUT Discovery Cost in the Instant Access Infographic.
Cut Costs and Increase Profits with Legal Metrics
For firms, metrics can quantify success, build stronger client relationships, and deliver information that’s critical to maintaining profitability and competitiveness in the growing buyer’s market.
Employee Termination: Best Practices
This resource addresses key issues for employers to consider when terminating an employee. It also provides best practices to minimize claims of wrongful discharge by former employees and maximize employers' ability to defend against claims filed.
A Guide to Better Relationships with Outside Counsel
In this white paper, we will explore the implications of a value-based approach, and how new innovations in technology are breaking down the barriers of communication in the legal ecosystem.
Common Arbitration Misconceptions
More parties and attorneys would opt for arbitration over litigation if misconceptions about the arbitral process were shattered. This white paper discusses what not to believe about arbitration.