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Accessing Untapped Demand: How Law Firms Can Prosper by Collaborating with Innovative Providers
Learn how law firms may can leverage inexpensive competitors as potential allies that can help reinvent and enhance their services.
Document Review Horror Stories: Will you ever look at reviews the same again?
From vendors who've produced questionable personal documents, to review facilities that would make your skin crawl, the following are the top five horror stories we've heard from clients.
A Guide to Better Relationships with Outside Counsel
In this white paper, we will explore the implications of a value-based approach, and how new innovations in technology are breaking down the barriers of communication in the legal ecosystem.
Become the Best C&E Professional You Can Be
The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics is the premier association of the industry's top C&E professionals. Each year, the SCCE's Compliance & Ethics Institute brings the brightest and the best together to improve individually and industry-wide. Hear a sampling from a few of the speakers and what the conference offers.
Understanding the Total Cost of eDiscovery
In this white paper, our experts will discuss how to calculate the total project cost of eDiscovery for your company and practices that enhance cost predictability, efficiency, and alignment with your business goals.
Calculating Total Project Cost for eDiscovery
Find out exactly what your team is spending on each stage of the process.
Elements of Confidentiality Agreements - Definitions of Confidential Information
Only the smartest companies can both protect that information and leverage it for business opportunities. Do you have updated, current drafts of these important documents?
Driving IP Value: Better Investments, Increasing Returns
Modern IPMS systems are now available to drive the value of intellectual property and meet the needs of today's IP organization. Understand IP trends and ways to increase ROI.
Tech Hacks for Attorneys to Super-Charge Their Productivity
We have compiled a list of 7 Tech Hacks for Attorneys to Super-Charge their Productivity, and gain the most valuable resource in the world: time.
The Next Step in EDRM
Download this white paper to learn the five key benefits coordinated risk management and e-discovery provide