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Karen Taylor, Anaqua.

Inside Asia's Legal Technology Evolution With Anaqua's Karen Taylor

By Rhys Dipshan |

Corporations operating in Asia are turning to legal technology to manage IP assets and work more efficiently on a global scale.

Jusir and Juicero

Knockoff Chinese Juicer Hits US Kitchens, Says Quinn Emanuel

By Scott Graham |

A federal court complaint on behalf of Juicero Inc. says a Chinese company has copied the "luxurious yet approachable" style of its juicer.

Sam O'Rourke

IP Head Sam O'Rourke Leaves Facebook

By David Ruiz |

The intellectual property lead left Facebook after almost 10 years with the company.

Stop Spreading the News: A 5-Step Guide to Handling Unlawful Content Posted on Social Media

By Desiree Moore and Alexis Douglas, K&L Gates |

It might be time to react when someone posts defamatory, offensive or infringing content about you or your business on social media.

UCAR Inc., a Chinese rival to Uber Inc.,

Tempers Flare Early in UCAR Trade Secret Suit

By Ross Todd |

Dueling court filings quibble over whether UCAR Inc. attorneys expressly claimed they would not seek a temporary restraining order as part of their trade secret case against four former employees.

Deutsche Bank to Refuse to Pay for Trainees and NQ Lawyers After Panel Overhaul

By Anna Ward and Alex Berry |

Deutsche Bank is to stop paying panel law firms for work carried out by newly qualified lawyers and trainees, Legal Week can reveal.

U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. October 9, 2016.

High Stakes for In-House Lawyers in Supreme Court Patent Venue Case

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The TC Heartland case raises a number of important issues for in-house counsel around IP and litigation strategy.

Who Has the Keys to Self-Driving Cars?

By Amanda Cicatelli, InsideCounsel |

The Waymo v. Uber case is one of the first major battles over driverless car technology, and it will be a real food fight.